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Remai Modern’s strategic plan for 2021 to 2025 is centred on four key goals.

The Board of Directors developed this plan through extensive consultation with stakeholder groups, the public and museum staff to ensure it reflects what the community needs and wants from the museum. 

These goals will guide the museum through its next chapter.

Goal 1: Accessibilty, Inclusivity and Relevance

Engender inclusivity, openness and accessibility by asserting our role as a public service and engaging diverse communities.

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Remai Modern collects and displays modern and contemporary art and produces and presents dynamic public and educational programs, activities and events for adults, teens, youth and families. Despite the breadth and depth of programming, barriers to access, both real and perceived, exist. These barriers make many residents hesitant to visit, posing challenges for visitation and participation to the museum.

 As a public institution and civic amenity, Remai modern has a responsibility to engage all residents of Saskatoon and beyond to the greatest extent possible using art as the catalyst. The museum must find ways to make the experience of visiting Remai Modern relevant and meaningful to the city’s diverse communities.  

Goal 2: An institution rooted in place

Develop a collection and produce programs and events that strike an optimal balance between local, regional and global interests, distinguishing the museum as vibrant and unique.

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 There is a strong desire amongst the museum’s stakeholders and residents to have Remai Modern be more reflective of the “place and the people” of Treaty 6 Territory and Saskatoon. A collection and programs that are rooted in place aim to create an authentic experience for all visitors.

 A rooted-in-place philosophy helps local residents relate more to the museum and its collection, creating a greater sense of community. Additionally, it attracts more tourists seeking experiences they cannot find anywhere else. 

Goal 3: Governance, Operations and Sustainability

Ensure good governance, long-term financial and environmental sustainability, and sound operational and administrative practices.

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Since its opening, Remai Modern has been able to build on the institutional knowledge and practices from its predecessor, the Mendel Art Gallery. However, given the complexity of the institution, Remai Modern recognizes that many of its operational, administrative and governance functions are dynamic and require continual attention and improvement.

Review of operational policies and procedures, inclusive and transparent hiring practices, greater fiscal responsibility, commitment to environmental sustainability and strengthened relationships will ensure the long-term success of the institution. 

Goal 4: Towards Truth, Reconciliation and Self-Determination

Work with Indigenous communities to create a plan for foregrounding Indigenous perspectives and self-determination throughout the organization.

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Remai Modern is a settler colonial institution, located within Treaty 6 Territory and the Traditional Homeland of the Métis. As such, Remai Modern has an obligation to work toward greater understanding and improved relationships with Indigenous peoples. Remai Modern seeks to foreground Indigenous perspectives throughout the museum and be responsive to Indigenous perspectives, requests and ideas for change. Remai Modern will work in the spirit of change and reconciliation and will do the work needed to make systemic and sustained change. Remai Modern acknowledges that making change is not a short-term proposition and that the process will extend beyond the five-year planning horizon of this strategic plan.