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Huria Atiq: The Real Meaning Behind The Monster Picture – Chokecherry Youth Response

In response to Jane Ash Poitras Screaming Shaman 1-4 (1994)

You might be wondering this picture is full with funny shapes and goofy face monsters. This picture may look normal to you until you look close and understand the true meaning behind this painting. This painting may look like funny monsters to you at first, but the more you look at it and the more you try to understand the picture you’re understand that it’s not just a happy funny goofy monsters picture. This picture is full with emotional monsters. If you look closely and look at the picture from a different perspective you’ll catch on that this picture is full with different emotional such as sad, happy, crazy, silly, wired, lazy hopeless, downcast, heartbroken, gloomy, glum, cheerful, contented, delighted, ecstatic, overjoyed, please, laughing and much more monsters. It’s just the way people are looking at the picture. For an example if a child is looking at the picture they are going to be like (oh look it monster), but as you grow up you have a sense of what something is and the really meaning behind the picture. I think this is a great picture to look at and mess with people’s brain. This picture is made this way to fool people. For example if you look at this picture for the first time your see happy, crazy funny faces/shapes, but the longer you looked at this picture you’ll see the real meaning behind this picture and your perspective of the picture will changes in seconds you’ll stay seeing a different side of these picture and the real meaning behind this picture which is that everything you see for the first time is not true you would have to look closely and understand the painting and be able to know the real meaning behind any painting. Every painting has a deep message in it, but you would just have to look at the picture close enough and be able to recognize the painting and what the artist is trying to say to the audiences thought out there amazing peace of arts. In this cause the real meaning is that to understand what the artist is trying to get to you by his painting. In order to do that you would have to look at the painting and find out real meaning to the painting and give it time don’t just say what you see at first.

– Huria Atiq

About the project: Chokecherry Youth Response is a partnership project between Chokecherry Studios, Remai Modern and PAVED Arts. The project asked for submissions from youth-artist participants inspired by a single work in the exhibition, An apology, a pill, a ritual, a resistance. Ten emerging artists took on the challenge and got to work creating new pieces that respond to the exhibition’s multifaceted exploration of health and healing.