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respectfulchild: Questionnaire


Sunday, May 3, 2020. 1:17 PM

1. Where are you? What can you tell us about your current living situation, or the conditions in your neighbourhood/city?

I am currently in a cabin on the unceded territory of the Lekwungen speaking peoples. I’m here as part of a quaranteam to help care for a very important person in my life.

2. How are you continuing your practice during this time?

My practice is split between touring and creating. So even though I’ve had to cancel all my performance gigs for the foreseeable future, I actually feel relieved and grateful for this time to grow myself in order to grow my art. I’ve been doing a lot of writing, reading, listening and thinking. A personal development residency at home 🙂 All these things were open to me to do before but I often didn’t make space for them because of priorities and deadlines for other projects. In addition to that I’ve also been fortunate to still have projects that I can work on from home. I’ve been exercising my rusty writing skills with an essay to accompany an exhibition by Shellie Zhang with AKA. I’m developing my role as sound designer and cast member for the theatre project “Unmasked” by Megan Zong. I’m about to start workshopping and composing sound for the dance project “Silvering” with Thea Patterson of Mile Zero Dance in Edmonton. And I’m continuing to research, develop and plan my project with Remai Modern which will be revealed later this year.

3. What things or ideas are you finding comfort in right now?  

Watching many failures and shortcomings of capitalism be exposed has been pretty comforting amidst all the uncertainty and instability of this pandemic. And related to that has been seeing all the collective organizing around mutual aid and interconnected care. It’s become pretty apparent that our strength and power lies in our communities to make dreams of a more just and healthy society into reality. I’ve found that really inspiring and exciting.

4. What artworks, music, books, or films have been in your mind during this time?  

I’ve been fortunate to be quarantined in a place with a piano, and I’ve been enjoying playing it almost daily out of inspiration rather than obligation. Last year on a trip to China, my dad brought back a book of Chinese classical piano pieces 中国钢琴名曲30首. All my years of music lessons were pretty much only with European classical music, so it’s been really fulfilling to teach my ears, fingers and memory these pieces from my own culture.

5. What are you letting go of? What are you holding on to? 

Trying to let go of the feeling of needing to prove my worth through doing rather than just being. Getting in touch with my own enjoyment rather than doing things for other people. Observing myself, learning my needs and understanding how I function. Using this time to practice being actively gentler with myself and holding onto how it feels to be my own best friend.

6. What are you looking forward to?   

Flying kites, picnics, early morning bike rides, swimming, sandcastles, berry picking, vegetable gardens, birding, soccer, skateboarding, attempting tennis, camping, hot pot, potlucks, tea parties, hugs, and kisses: with all the people I love.


respectfulchild is an interdisciplinary artist born, raised, and living as an uninvited guest on Treaty 6 Territory. Their work explores the quiet tensions and chaotic beauty of being a queer Chinese settler on the prairies, ranging from spontaneous improvisation to meticulous composition. Later this year, respectfulchild will launch a new project at Remai Modern as part of the RBC Emerging Artist Series. Their work was previously shown at the museum as part of Amalie Atkins’ The Diamond Eye Assembly. They recently composed an original score for the short animated documentary In The Shadow Of The Pines by Anne Koizumi.