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The Princess Bride, Rob Reiner 

A fairytale as told to a bedridden boy: the willowy Buttercup, destined as consort to the wicked Prince Humperdinck, is abducted and whisked through a series of life-threatening exploits and miscast comic cameos. The story, adapted from William Goldman’s book, is partly a traditional fantasy, with a damsel in distress, dashing lover, evil villains, and lots of monsters and swordfights, but also a knowing commentary on the conventions of all such tales.

The Princess Bride
Directed by Rob Reiner
1987, USA, 97 minutes, PG

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Discovery Cinema is back! Join us for a Saturday afternoon matinee series aimed at all ages. This season, we’re re-screening crowd favourites from the past five years at Remai Modern.

Film tickets are $10; free admission for members and youth under 18.

Talks, tours and other events are admission by donation or free with membership.

January 28, 2023 at 1:00PM