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Kay and Dora Nasser

Organizations and institutions in Saskatoon know they can count on Kay and Dora Nasser and their family for support. The Nasser family has stepped forward once again with a $150,000 contribution to Remai Modern’s capital campaign.

“Saskatoon is our community,” says Kay. “It’s one of the best in Canada and the world. We’ll do anything we can to keep our community in the top echelon. We donate to everything we can—education, health, the arts—because Saskatoon needs all these organizations to be one of the best.”

Supporting local artists is particularly important to the Nasser family. They sponsor students who want to become artists, and attend exhibitions and purchase and display art in their home. “We have quite a collection,” Kay says. “It’s almost a gallery.”

The Nassers are very pleased with the plans for Remai Modern. “It’s a nice design, and it’s right on the river,” Kay says. “It will attract all kinds of exhibitions to the city.

“We hope that our donation will encourage others. It would be wonderful if they would contribute; the museum is for all of us here in the city.”

During the three-year construction period, the Nasser family provided Remai Modern with free parking and construction staging on the family’s Parcel Y land, next door to the museum at River Landing. Remai Modern is very grateful for this provision: its estimated financial value is more than $2 million.