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Art Miles is about getting as many miles as possible out of your art supplies. In this episode, learn easy, cost-effective and intriguing ways to extend the lifespan of water-soluble markers. As you’ll see, there is so much art left in dry markers!

Use the chapter markers in the YouTube video to navigate through the different types of instruction.

We would love to see your work! Share and tag us on social @remaimodern.

Chapter 1

Getting started: turn marker-testing into art, and use dry markers for a special effect

Chapter 2

Reviving markers part 1: how to revive dry markers. This is one task kids love!

Chapter 3

Reviving markers part 2: the results!

Chapter 4

Making marker paint: use colour families (different shades of the same colour), to make marker paint

Chapter 5

Using marker paint: tips for working with marker paint, and some examples

Chapter 6

Last few marker miles: save the lids to use for art projects!