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In this video, get inspired by guessing what created the textures and patterns in each of the 20 images. Hit pause and play to control the slideshow. Click “show answer key” to find out how many you guessed correctly. Then, start making your own texture and pattern photos.

Armed with only a camera and a keen sense of observation, capture details of texture and pattern in your environment. The resulting images are often intriguing on their own or as part of a collection and can provide inspiration for other art projects.

Answer Key

1. Bike tire track in wet snow
2. Bird’s eye view of young evergreen
3. Emptied serving dish
4. Fern fronds
5. Frost on rock wall
6. Hoarfrost on wire fencing
7. Ice-edge on river
8. Light reflections in Remai Modern elevator
9. Lilac petals on grass
10. Pencil sharpener shavings from pencil crayons
11. Rain on Remai Modern window
12. Raindrops on ivy
13. Rocks in rainwater
14. Snow blown into tiny drifts on river ice
15. Snow caught in tree bark
16. Snowflakes on vehicle
17. Steam rising from river
18. Thin ice on a spring puddle
19. Tree shadows cast by streetlight on snow
20. Water drops in snow