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Functional Picasso: Production Pottery in the South of France

This is the first-ever presentation of Remai Modern’s complete collection of Pablo Picasso ceramics, gifted to the museum by the Frederick Mulder Foundation. The exhibition offers a chronological view of Picasso’s ceramics. Augmented with loans of ceramics from other institutions and private collectors, Functional Picasso showcases the artist’s production pieces made at the Madoura studio in Vallauris, France.

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Remai Modern

During the same period, Picasso was also commissioned by the studio to create linocut posters to advertise the annual ceramics exhibition in Vallauris, which ran from 1951 to 1964. The posters were the impetus of Picasso’s interest in the linocut form and marked a new fascination with printmaking, which continued for close to 25 years until his death.  

Curatorial Team

Bevin Bradley, Assistant Curator, with assistance from Jillian Cyca, Registrar (Collections); Chad Redl, Exhibitions and Collections Supervisor; Troy Mamer, Technical Coordinator; and installation team: Paul Atkins, Caleb Dueck, Ian Forbes, Devon Hanofski, Jason Hosaluk, Spencer Martin, Cameron McKay, Darren McQuay and Ian Rawlinson.