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Views from the Blue House: The Remai Modern Collection

Over the past six decades, Remai Modern, and its predecessor, the Mendel Art Gallery, have been building a public art collection. Modest in its origin, the collection stems from a single gift: Henri Masson’s small oil painting The Blue House, donated by H. S. Southam to the Saskatoon Art Centre in 1947.  

“When the Mendel Art Gallery opened in 1964, curator-director John Climer joked that the Gallery’s permanent collection was so small that he moved in with one painting under each arm,” former staff member, Helen ‘Bubs’ Coleman recounted in her book, Dreaming a Gallery. By the time Remai Modern opened its doors some 50 years later, the collection had grown exponentially, and now numbers more than 8,000 works.  

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Collection Galleries

An oil painting of a small blue house in a hilly landscape. Two other structures are visible amongst bare-branched trees and shrubs.
Henri Leopold Masson, The Blue House, 1947. Oil on canvas. The Mendel Art Gallery Collection at Remai Modern. Gift of H. S. Southam, 1947.

Using Masson’s painting as a starting point, Views from the Blue House looks to the past and future of Remai Modern’s diverse collection and highlights the influences and ideas that have given the collection its current shape. The exhibition draws out the many narratives, histories, and perspectives tied to the collection and invites visitors to find their own stories and relationships within these works.

An oil painting depicts an abstract, fractal-like pattern of blues and oranges on a beige background.
Alex Janvier, Fly, Fly, Fly, 1981. Oil on linen. The Mendel Art Gallery Collection at Remai Modern. Purchased 1992.

Exhibition Artists

  • Roger Aksadjuak
  • David Alexander
  • Kenojuak Ashevak
  • Pitseolak Ashoona
  • Shuvinai Ashoona
  • Amalie Atkins
  • David Barnett
  • Carl Beam
  • Martin Bennett
  • Eli Bornstein
  • Robert Boyer
  • Jack Bush
  • Emily Carr
  • Donovan Chester
  • Robert Christie
  • Alex Colville
  • Lois Connor
  • Louise Cook
  • Rita Cowley
  • George Csató
  • Ruth Cuthand
  • Stanley Day
  • Diane Evans
  • James Graham
  • Philip Hakuluk
  • Gregory Hardy
  • Lawren Harris
  • James Henderson
  • James Hogg
  • Robert Houle
  • Luke Iksiktaaryuk
  • Tuna Iquliq
  • Edit Ivan
  • A.Y. Jackson
  • Becky James
  • William James
  • Alex Janvier
  • Franz Johnston
  • Augustus Kenderdine
  • Illingworth Kerr
  • Roy Kiyooka
  • Dorothy Knowles
  • Luther Konadu
  • Ernest Lindner
  • Arthur Lismer
  • Attila Lukacs
  • Ken Lum
  • Henri Masson
  • Arthur McKay
  • Wynona Mulcaster
  • Pierre Nauya
  • Clint Neufeld
  • Alison Norlen
  • David O’Hara
  • Toni Onley
  • John Pangnark
  • Graeme Patterson
  • Thelma Pepper
  • William Perehudoff
  • Pablo Picasso
  • Edward Poitras
  • John Reeves
  • Frances Robson
  • Leslie Gale Saunders
  • Eliyakota Samualie
  • Joseph Sánchez
  • Sandra Semchuk
  • Inglis Sheldon-Williams
  • Hilda Stewart
  • Dmytro Stryjek
  • David Thauberger
  • Jeffrey Thomas
  • Irene Tiktaalaaq
  • Anne Truitt