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Worth a Look

Art is a powerful part of society. It moves us, provokes us, challenges us, and changes us.

Speaking of change…

To celebrate our fifth anniversary, Remai Modern is now admission by donation for everyone, every day

Come as you are. Pay what you can. 

Thanks to the generous support of the Frank and Ellen Remai Foundation, admission to Remai Modern will now be by donation on all open days (free for youth under 18).  

How you experience Remai Modern and your reactions to what’s inside are entirely up to you. 

Remai Modern – Pae White – Lucky Charms

Title: <L3U~.>C≈K¥◊CHΔRMS‡ (Lucky Charms)

Artist: Pae White

Made with: Neon, transformers, electric wire

This installation is a nod to the ornamental patterns of a magic carpet, featuring hundreds of pastel neon shapes. The large-scale work lights up the stairwell leading from Level 2 to Level 3. 

Remai Modern – Bridget Moser: My Crops Are Dying Buy My Body Persists

Title: My Crops Are Dying But My Body Persists

Artist: Bridget Moser

Made with: Single channel video, colour, sound

An immersive sensory experience, viewers enter a dimly-lit gallery space to find a video screen placed behind a small puddle-shaped piece of metallic material. Strange and unsettling images of food, the artist’s body, and decorative objects highlight the artist’s feelings of discomfort, loneliness, and fears about the future. 

Title: Composition with Projection XXI

Artist: Alexine McLeod

Made with: Metal wire frame, steel wheel cap, fabric bag, bent wood, projector on tripod

In this work, the artist uses layered materials and angled light to collapse and expand space. She finds cast-off objects in urban environments and second-hand stores. Some components in Composition with Projection XXI were sourced in Saskatoon.

Lawren S. Harris, Untitled (mountains near Jasper), 1934-1940, oil on canvas. The Mendel Art Gallery Collection at Remai Modern. Gift of the Mendel family, 1965.

Title: Untitled (mountains near Jasper)

Artist: Lawren S. Harris

Made with: Oil on canvas

Canadian Group of Seven painter Lawren Harris takes landscape to the point of near abstraction, suggesting—rather than describing—a towering mountain view.