Canadian Made


Congrats on Your Citizenship Card


Dirt Light Shadow House Necklace Red Heart


Sending Love Card


Amalie Atkins Edition


Béton Brut Lavalier Earrings Carbon


Brutal Pin


Cement Clock Ardor Home Goods


Clay Soap


Clay Soap Eucalyptus and Grapefruit


Congrats on Your Citizenship Card


Creature Leather Habitat Log Black


Daryl Richardson Remai Bird


Dconstruct Sea Green 20' David Necklace


Dconstruct Sea Green Bangle Bracelet


Dconstruct Sea Green Bonita Earrings


Dirt Light Shadow Dangle Earring Triangle Gold


Dirt Light Shadow House Necklace Red Heart


Hillary Simon-Worobec Candy Cups


House Tea Towel


Konzuk Earrings Carina Nebula


Konzuk Orbis Citrus Candle


Konzuk Orbis Large Concrete Candle


Marcy Friesen Beaded Earrings


Marcy Friesen Fur Necklace


Mark Wells Copper & Silver Earrings


Mark Wells Copper & Silver Necklace


Monique Martin Domed Dandelion


Paula Cooley Dip Bowl


Paula Cooley Square Plate


Paula Cooley Tumbler


Saskatchewan Magnet


Saskatchewan Teatowel


Sending Love Card



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    Online store open 24/7. Museum store open Thursday to Sunday 10AM to 5PM.

    Your purchase benefits art programs for all.