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Storied Objects
Métis Art In Relation

Métis people have always understood themselves and their culture through art. The grandmothers of the Métis Nation adorned loved ones in exquisite beadwork, embroidery and quillwork. Every stitch embodies care and strengthens relations. History and memory are encoded in form and material. In tandem with oral tradition, objects act as memory devices for the recalling of stories. The term storied objects aligns with the widely held belief in Indigenous cultures that objects have their own life force and power. This exhibition draws on the scholarship of Métis art historian Sherry Farrell Racette. Describing storied objects, she writes, “They remember. They remember us. They remember for us.”

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Remai Modern

Jessie Ray Short, Elder Wands, extension cords, SS violet wands, spiral bulb attachments, pleather holsters, thread, 2021. Courtesy of the artist.

Storied Objects: Métis Art in Relation considers the deep continuity between contemporary and historic Métis arts. The artists in the exhibition adapt, translate and transform ancient media and practices into new forms. Their works draw on the narrative power of objects to communicate knowledge of self, community and place.

Katherine Boyer, The Sky Vest, 2×4′ boards, seed beads on smoked hide, 2022. Photo: Carey Shaw

Storied objects are embedded with relations and are often considered relatives themselves. Recognizing this, artworks in the exhibition create spaces for visiting and storytelling that will be activated by programs throughout the exhibition run. See the events at the bottom of this page for more details.

Daphne Boyer, *Moss Bag*, light box, 2022. Photo: Lina Samoukova. Courtesy of the artist.
Daphne Boyer, Moss Bag light box, 2022. Photo: Lina Samoukova. Courtesy of the artist.


  • Jason Baerg
  • Christi Belcourt
  • Kim Belhumeur
  • Bob Boyer
  • Daphne Boyer
  • Katherine Boyer
  • Amy Briley
  • Wilfred Burton
  • Tammy Chief
  • David Garneau
  • Grandmother Artists
  • Margaret Harrsion
  • David Heinrichs
  • Brenda Hrycuik
  • Jennine Krauchi
  • Lynette La Fontaine
  • Rosalie Laplante Laroque
  • Maria-Margaretta
  • Dylan Miner
  • Mona Moquin
  • Bernadette Murray
  • Audie Murray
  • Jocelyn Ormerod
  • Brianna Oversby
  • Brenna Pacholko
  • Kathie Pruden-Nansel
  • Melanie Monique Rose
  • Ashley Shaw
  • Jessie Ray Short
  • Cheryl Troupe
David Garneau, Métis Education, acrylic on panel, 2021. Courtesy of the artist.

Curatorial Team

Curated by Tarah Hogue, Curator (Indigenous Art), with exhibition advisor Sherry Farrell Racette.

Remai Modern would like to acknowledge the following people who provided valuable contributions and consultation to the exhibition:

  • Holly Aubichon
  • Victoria Kablys, Bailey Randell-Monsebroten and Cindy Scheer, Royal Saskatchewan Museum
  • Maria Campbell and Cheryl Troupe, The Crossing Theatre Company
  • Gabriel Dumont Local #11
  • Maureen Matthews, Manitoba Museum

Storied Objects: Métis Art in Relation was named one of eleven projects to receive an Award for Excellence from The Association of Art Museum Curators for 2023 at their conference in New York City.

Nearly 175 nominations were submitted and vetted by curator jurors from around the world, with importance placed upon the core values of inclusion, access, dialogue, and engagement.

Congratulations to lead curators Tarah Hogue and Sherry Farrell Racette for their incredible work on this project.